Slate Credit Card

Credit cards are very helpful and convenient to have when you need to purchase something and you don't have the full amount yet, or if there is an emergency or unexpected expense that comes up. But if you ask many credit card users, the thing they have a problem with is keeping up with the payments, particularly the interest rates that pile up later on. One missed payment and it is usually the start of an ordeal for a cardholder. The good thing is that there are cards now being issued that seek to address this problem better, such as the Slate Credit Card from Chase.

The Slate Credit Card has a feature called Blueprint which basically helps the cardholder to plan or design a path to saving on interest or minimizing interest charges on his or her card balance, as well as figuring out a payment plan that makes real measurable progress the quickest time possible. The Blueprint feature allows customers with the Slate Credit Card to set goals for themselves and be able to pay off a large purchase that they would like to pay off right away, and avoid interest.


Aside from the Slate Credit Card's Blueprint feature that puts financial management and responsibility more in the hands of the cardmember, there are other features and benefits to this credit card, such as the Introductory APR of 0% for the first 15 months that you have the Slate Credit Card. The 0% Intro APR applies to purchases or balance transfers you make on this card, and the balance transfer fee is even waived if you do the transfer within the first 60 days of opening the Slate account.

Your Slate Credit Card account is also protected through Chase's Fraud Protection features. If there are suspicious or fraudulent transactions or activities detected using your card, you will receive fraud alerts via email or on your phone informing you to contact Chase right away. Also, the Slate Credit Card comes with Zero Liability Protection, meaning if there are unauthorized purchases made using your account, you will not be held liable for those transactions. As a consumer, you will also benefit from Chase's Purchase Protection feature which keeps you protected against accidental damage or loss of purchased products worth up to $250, if within a 60-day period.

Some people are forgetful with due dates, and if you are one of these people you can also sign up for Slate Credit Card's Autopay program. You can register your checking account for a specified payment amount every statement due date, so it's one less thing for you to worry about every single month.

And if you really want to monitor and properly manage your credit card spending, you can even review your Slate Credit Card spending trends through the Track It feature. You can review your spending history, set spending goals, and stay on top of your budget every month with detailed tracking and reports. This feature, along with the many other customer-focused features of the Slate Credit Card, is free of charge to you.